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About Us

Welcome to The Stores

At The Stores Grocer we offer the finest food from local growers and makers as well as iconic lines. Our produce will be crisper for longer because it is fresher. In the kitchen we make delicious, wholesome meals each day. Our staff have years of experience in their fields and they will be genuinely delighted to discuss your shopping with you whether it is for a meal that you have been wanting to make, your nutritional aims or the seasonality of produce.

Our mission is to be West End’s friendliest and finest supplier of produce, meat and groceries.

How do we do it?

We listen carefully to our customers – each month we work through your feedback. Our grocers, butchers and chefs select the best produce that can be sourced to provide wholesome, fresh food for our clients to make great meals. We are always looking to scale up our buying so that we pass these economies on to our customers. Where a local product is of standout quality we are delighted to stock it on our shelves and we currently range over 340 distinct locally made or grown lines.