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Open weekdays 7am-7pm and weekends 7am-5pm

Market fresh produce that tastes
better and is crisper for longer

We offer beef, lamb, pork, poultry and seafood
from the finest producers in Australia

Delicious wholesome meals
– because sometimes the
missing ingredient is time!

Our Story

On the corner of Montague Rd and Raven St in Brisbane’s West End, The Stores Grocer is the place to come to when you want to create beautiful meals. We source the finest foods available – ingredients that will make your cooking wholesome and delicious. Our butcher, fresh produce, kitchen, deli and grocery departments bring quality and provenance to the everyday.

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In our butchery we showcase some of Australia’s finest beef as well outstanding local Qld pork, local free-range poultry and Tasmanian lamb. Our expert butchers can guide you through every cut as well as telling you where they’ve been sourced from, what they taste like and how to cook them.

We are predominantly a grass-fed butchery in that most of our prime cuts (eye fillet, rib fillet, sirloin, rump & T-bone) are sourced from the Cape Grim property in northern Tasmania. This coastal environment sees the cattle roam freely amidst lush, nutrient-rich pasture which provides their complete diet – they are not finished on grain. Grass-fed beef has a clean, earthy flavour.

While Angus beef is deliciously rich Wagyu is even richer. The beef is toasty and rich with supreme tenderness. Wagyu cattle are derived from a Japanese breed that for centuries were not permitted to be exported from Japan – a policy which only changed in the early 1990’s and now sees them reared in other parts of the world. Our selection comes from Darling Downs Wagyu. The meat has high levels of healthy fine marbling that give its pearlescent colour – this healthy monounsaturated fat breaks down during cooking and bastes the meat from the inside creating the exquisite, rich umami flavour.

We age whole joints of Sirloin, T-Bone and Rib on the bone in store for six weeks. Our aging cabinet draws moisture from the meat, whilst simultaneously Himalayan rock salt within the cabinet seasons and tenderises it. Over this 6 week period the intra-muscle proteins break down, the meat loses 30% of its weight and a surface crust forms. The joint is then trimmed, portioned and individually vacuum packed for sale. The result is beef rich in flavour and with eye fillet levels of tenderness whatever the cut.

Fresh Local Seafood

We offer local reef fish that can be purchased as a fillet or whole. In addition we provide finest Tasmanian salmon. We provide prawns both cooked and green from Mooloolaba. If you have other seafood requirements please speak to one of our team and we will source what you need.

Fresh Produce

At The Stores Grocer we offer only the very best fresh produce. Many of our growers are located from central Qld through to northern NSW. Our leafy greens and herbs come from the Lockyer Valley and our apples come from Stanthorpe. When you shop at the Stores you are buying produce that has not been in cold storage – this means that when you take it home it will taste better and stay crisper for longer.

Fruit platters – small or large – can be prepared with just a mornings’ notice.


We offer freshly baked pastries, wholesome, modern lunches and brunches as well as restaurant quality hand-made meals to eat at home. As much as we enjoy a long and leisurely lunch or dinner, so often we are hearing that with work and other commitments there just isn’t time to prepare meals from scratch. We have got your back with a number of beautiful hand-made meals to take home.


At the deli you will find small goods from local makers as well as the iconic European suppliers. Jamon Serrano, Prosciutto di Parma,  Prosciutto d’Abruzzo, Mortadella, Bresaola & Mettwurst are all available. We are very passionate about ham and our deli team will slice to your order.


At The Stores we track down the very best cheeses handmade by artisan cheesemakers from all over the world. Finest Stilton and Cheddar from England, decadent white moulds from France – think Cremeux d’Argental, Fromage d’Affinois & Delice des Bourgogne. Spanish Manchego – the salty, nutty sheeps’ milk cheese is available in numerous varieties – aged, truffled, herbed and more. From Italy we offer Parmigianno Reggiano, Pecorino, Gran Padano, Gorgonzola, Taleggio, Mozzarella, Ricotta.

We are very interested in local makers so in every style – white moulds, goats’ cheese, hard cheese and blue we offer our favourite Australian makers as well.

A fine cheese platter will have an interesting and contrasting selection of cheeses – hard (comte), white mould (Brie) and goats (maybe something amazing from Kris Lloyd) – from there it’s about what it’s paired with and this can really add the x-factor – try something piquant but versatile like pear treacle, quince paste or a handful of muscatels. Keep the presentation simple and serve on a large timber board with good sourdough.


Fine pantry provisions add richness and complexity to your cooking. Condiments, sauces, relishes, mustards and marinades that give a luxurious lift to any braise, grazing plate or sandwich. Our olive oil and vinegar collection is an assortment of the finest brands from Australia, Italy, Spain & France. We offer a range of seasonings that will lift a meal and transport you to exotic lands – fine sea salts, various peppers, dukkha, chermoula, harissa, ras el hanout and spice rubs to finish off your meal. Some of these lines can make an excellent gift to a loved one who appreciates the finer things.

To start the day with style we have daily deliveries of sourdough bread from Danny’s Bread and Crust & Co. We receive bread from German bakehouse and Homebake as well. Our selection of muesli’s and granolas are naturally locally made.

A grocery store needs to get the basics right and a good plate of pasta is an essential – we have local and Italian pasta as well as fresh local basil and parmigianno reggiano. We stock an array of Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Japanese ingredients. Combined with Asian greens from our chilled produce room, organic tofu, veges, diced meat, chillis and locally grown aromatics like galangal, lemongrass and kaffir lime for a bold, fresh stir-fry or curry.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy food at The Stores whatever your nutritional requirements and preferences. Our provisions of gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options have you covered with loads of quality options from soups to sauces, condiments, curries and cakes.

Our range of high quality products will surprise you

The Stores Grocer is the place to come to when you want to create beautiful meals.


get in contact with the team at the Stores.